Create an account and get full access to the Kantara Wiki

To get full access to your Work and/or Discussion groups that you participate in, please follow the four steps below. If you already have an account on one of the third party Identity Providers (IdPs) listed on the login page then please continue to the page "Logging in with a third party IdP".

Step 1

First please create a new account on the Kantara IdP by registering here:

Step 2

After a few of minutes you will receive a confirmation email from us (if you do not see a confirmation email in your inbox please also check your Spam or Trash folder):

Please click on the "Activation Link" that we have sent you in this email. You will get a confirmation page that your account has been successfully activated:

Step 3

It is important that you log in at least once so your new account gets created in the Wiki. Please navigate to: and select the option "Kantara Initiative":

Then log in with your new credentials that you have just registered.

Step 4

Important: At this point you have only basic access to the Wiki. To get full access to your Work and/or Discussion groups please send us a quick message with your new user name. We will then fully provision your account.

If you sign up for additional Work or Discussion groups in the future, then please send us an email so we can add the permission for these new groups to your existing account.