2019: March

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We certainly live in interesting times and March has been no exception.  From the horrific tragedy in Christchurch through the findings of the Mueller investigation to the near comical farce of Brexit, this month has served up plenty to feast on. For Kantara, March has been a 100% good news month and for that I am very grateful.     

Kantara's Trust Framework Operations and Assurance program continues to strengthen with major players signalling their intention to seek 3rd party assessment and approval of their solutions to Kantara's 'NIST 800-63-3 Class of Approval'. To that end it was great to see the Board approve Swedish company Seadot as an accredited assessor.  

The 3rd week of March saw the DHS Showcase finally take place in Washington DC after its initial postponement during the Federal shutdown in January. Our KIPI performers, Exponent with its MOB4PACS project using smartphones as PIV cards with NFC and BLE. and Lockstep with its ValidIDy attribute capsules demonstrated their features and picked up further interest, as they ready themselves for partnering and commercialization. 

The last week of the month featured the KNOW Identity conference in Las Vegas, with many Kantarians in attendance, at the podium presenting, on the stage on panels, as well as receiving awards. Congratulations and many thanks for your support Catherine Schulten, Sphere Identity's Katherine Noall, Experian's Kathleen Peters, Meeco's Katryna Dow, ID Crowd's Adam Cooper, ID.me's Blake Hall, ID Crowd's David Black, ID Crowd's Gillan Ward, 1Kosmos' Rohan Pinto, ID Machines' Sal D'Agostino, Lockstep's Steve Wilson and Tom Sullivan. Also recognizing the hat tips and support at the event of our Liaison Partners FIDO Alliance and ID Pro. It was a great event with Kantara helping out or liaison partners ID Pro on the educational session 'Privacy essentials for ID Professionals' and members featuring other members or Kantara reps on their panels.   

Meanwhile, the UMA working group was presenting to the OAuth working group at the IETF 104 meeting in Prague to support its contribution of the UMA 2.0 specifications for formal standardization. Many thanks to ForgeRock's Eve Maler for preparing the deck, together with co-presenter Maciej Machulak, Pedro Silva in the room in Prague, Gluu's Mike Schwartz, Hindle Consulting's Andi Hindle, Cigdem Sengul, George Fletcher, and other UMAnitarians who pitched in to improve the slides in the weeks leading up. You can find the presentation materials on the Work Group wiki

It did not end there however, with your intrepid Exec Director doing a dash across the globe to catch the Future Trust Go eIDAS workshop in which Kantara Europe is a partner, followed by fellow NGI_Trust partner Fraunhofer's Open Identity Summit in Garmisch-Partenkircken near Munich. This is my first time attending and I was super impressed with the speaker line-up. If you want to know what's coming down the pipe from research institutes and universities as they present their papers before they hit prime time at main conferences, this is 'must-see'. We came away with a fresh basket of actions arising from Kantara's heightened reputation in Europe resulting in organizations wanting to work more closely with us to apply our services and operations in that continent. Just as well Program Manger Ruth agreed to become a Director also! Thank you!

And on the last day of this month I write this from Tel Aviv, I am here with Leadership Council Chair Andrew Hughes about to start a long hard week in ISO SC27 meetings, supporting a suggestion form a well known industry luminary to have an example Kantara Consent Receipt added as an annex to ISO 29184 Online privacy notices and consent. Andrew will also be tabling the results of the IDVP Use Cases from the Kantara discussion Group of the same name.  

On the community side of the house:

  • the Consent & Information Sharing WG is working towards the revision of its Consent Receipt real world use case demo and its respective Consent Receipt Generator;
  • the UMA WG is in advanced preparations to present UMA v2.0 to the 104th IETF meeting in Prague in April to ready it for a standards track contribution;
  • the Identity Assurance Work Group is working hard on preparing comments on the Pan Canadian Trust Framework whose overview is out for public review;
  • the ID Proofing and Verification Discussion Group is assembling a strong set of use cases into a report to ISO SC27 Working Group 5 later in March in time for the Study Period's findings in Tel Aviv in April; and
  • Kantara's liaison with Working Group 5 is seeing increased activity as the international standards drafts covering identity and privacy reach a more developed and mature stage in their development.  

The workshop agenda at the European Identity Conference in Munich in May is all set - see it here (remember the chunky ticket discount if you use the code shown on Kantara's events page!) - and even before that ConnectID in DC Monday April 30 through Wednesday May 2nd which is FREE OF CHARGE for attendees.  IIW in Mountain View is on at the same time and many Kantarians will be attending as usual.  June has a slew of events starting with Identity North in Toronto, then Identity Week UK, EEMA UK, Think Digital Identity UK, Whitehall Media IDM UK, and in the last week Identiverse in Washington DC. If you are attending the EIC in Munich in May, please make sure you arrive a day early and register here for the Kantara Members Plenary on Monday May 13th. community discounts and planning our participation at Conferences and Events too. Of course our participation is your participation. 

Please join me in welcoming David Kelts and Jason Nuce as new individual member joining in March, and Janelle Allen for renewing. Thank you to you all for your support of Kantara.

We have some major announcements regarding new joining corporate members in the coming months.

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