Logo Guidelines and FAQs

Kantara Initiative Logo Usage Guidelines

The guidelines below provide standards for using the Kantara Initiative logo and naming convention.  By implementing a standard set of guidelines, Kantara Initiative can build and effectively protect the value of its branding.

Kantara Initiative Organization LOGO:

  1. Usage or registration of any corporate name, trademark, domain name, service mark or certification mark that contains the Kantara Initiative name or logo is an exclusive right of the organization.
  2. The Kantara Initiative logo and name should not be used in any manner that will diminish or otherwise damage the goodwill and professional stature of the organization.
  3. The logo should not be used as an endorsement or sponsorship of an outside initiative, product or technology without the consent of Kantara Initiative.
  4. Kantara Initiative identifiers should not be used as product names, ingredient brands or certification marks. Additionally, the logo cannot be translated into any other language or localized into any other language certification mark.
Boilerplate Rules
  1. The Kantara Initiative logo should appear on a light background and never be printed or displayed on an angle, overlay another graphic background or enclosed within a shape.
  2. The logo should not be used within a phrase or a body of copy.
  3. The logo should not be screened, outlined or distorted.
  4. The colors and typeface of the Kantara Initiative logo are standard and should not be altered. The logotype and it’s corresponding graphic elements should not be individually altered or broken up.
  5. The logo can be scaled providing the proportions are maintained and not reduced below 1" in width as a minimum recommendation.
Kantara Initiative Branding FAQs
  • Q)    To whom is the Kantara Logo and branding information available?
  • A)    The logo is available for use by all Kantara Initiative staff, members or work group participants. For external collaboration or to discuss variance on the logo, please contact Kantara Initiative staff by clicking the  “Contact Us” form on the website: http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/GI/Contact Us
  • Q)  How can I change the logo under the usage guidelines?
  • A)  Under the Kantara Initiative Usage Guidelines, the logo should not be redesigned or otherwise altered in shape, color or typeface from the original design. The logo is scalable in size providing the proportions of the original logo are maintained. To preserve the integrity and legibility of the art, we advise a minimum size of no smaller than 1" wide. The logo should stand alone in it’s placement and only appear on single color backgrounds that provide adequate contrast. It should not be inserted as part of text or some other header or verbiage.
  • Q) Can I ever abbreviate Kantara Initiative to KI?
  • A) “Kantara Initiative” should be spelled out in all formal documents, presentation titles and in the first usage of it in text. Thereafter, it can be abbreviated to “Kantara”.