Scottish Government digital identity strategy and requirements - Call for Comments

Scottish Government DIS Documents to review: 

DIS SAPS Engagement Day Questions.pdf

DIS SAPS Indicative Requirements.pdf

DIS SAPS Technical Brief for Industry.pdf

DIS SAPS Strategy v1.0.pdf

DIS SAPS Engagement Day Script.pdf

DIS SAPS Engagement Day Slides.pdf

Message received: 

Subject: Scottish Government Digital Identity Scotland - Beta Stage
Date: 2020-10-06 12:50

Dear Industry Colleagues

Further to registering your interest in the Digital Identity Scotland
(DIS) online industry engagement event, this email provides a link to
our online presentation, and a selection of attachments in PDF format,
as promised. The presentation is a video lasting approximately 32
minutes, with audio and captions.

The active presentation is at: 

The attachments are:

1. Digital Identity Scotland - Scottish Attribute Provider Service (the
presentation slides)

2. SAPS Engagement Day Script

3. DIS SAPS Strategy v1.0 - For Circulation and Discussion

4. SAPS Technical Brief for Industry

5. SAPS Indicative Requirements

6. SAPS Engagement Day Questions

As per our previous communications:

  1.     All interested parties will get access to the same information
to ensure openness and fairness

  2.     All parties can feedback directly to DIS via the email box with any responses to the
questions or to provide general comments

  3.     We will do our best to respond to questions, within one week of

We'd like to thank you for the interest shown to date and hope that this
process stimulates constructive discussion and consideration of this


               The DIS Team.

RICHARD MCLAUCHLAN | Digital Identity Scotland Programme Support|
Digital Directorate | Scottish Government