On a whim, I sent an email to the 31 folks who work in this office, “Where do you use your Pennsylvania driver’s license?” Half of the staff responded. Below you will find our list, for whatever use you might find it. Some of this is unique to Pennsylvania (#9 "PennDOT messenger services, full agents, card agents," as one example) but most of the answers reach across every state border.

Thank you.

Marc A.

  1. Well, getting stopped by the municipal, city, county, or state police for a violation of the Vehicle Code. (Not that I personally would have any experience here!)
  2. Getting stopped by other law enforcement personal (FBI, reps from the PA Attorney General’s office, etc.)
  3. Pulling it out when an auto accident occurs (or a deer hits your car! (in my case)).
  4. When checking in at the airport with the luggage; before TSA
  5. TSA at the airport, with Real ID, can be used for flying within the USA.
  6. Medical facilities (local emergency service places, real hospitals (AHN, UPMC, etc.))
  7. Doctor offices (PCP, dentist, surgeon, eye doctor, ear doctor, and on and on)
  8. Cashing a check at a grocery store. (For those of you under thirty Google “check” to see what I am talking about!)
  9. Car dealerships, PennDOT messenger services, full agents, card agents.
  10. Visit a notary who does not know me personally with a paper-based transaction.
  11. To apply to a RON vendor to be on their platform?
  12. To purchase a digital certificate to use the notarial process?
  13. Using a remote online electronic notary (RON) or other versions (RIN, IPEN, AVN, TWIN, etc.)
  14. Pawnshops or any other place where you can sell your home electronics/items of value for cash – They are required to submit that ID information and a list of items sold to the local police department… at least in Pittsburgh
  15. I had to pull mine out for the covid and flu vaccines this year, including my Flu and COVID boosters. 
  16. At a liquor store
  17. Buying lottery tickets at a gas station if you look young
  18. Buying tobacco products (which I assume mean vape products also)
  19. FedEx or post office when picking up a package
  20. When crossing international borders. Crossing the border to Canada/Mexico by land.
  21. Fishing and Hunting Licenses
  22. At a bar, restaurant, wineries/breweries when ordering alcoholic beverages
  23. At a store or pharmacy when purchasing prescriptions or some cold/allergy medicines (they track these purchases because people use the ingredients to make illegal drugs)
  24. Obtaining a library card or renewing my local public library card (to prove that I still live in the township)
  25. Verifying that I am the person named on my credit card (I have “Ask For Photo ID” written on the backs of my credit cards)
  26. Renting a car, SUV, van, RV, U-Haul, etc.
  27. When dealing face-to-face with government agencies in their offices (municipal, city, county, state, federal)
  28. Picking up tickets at a box office
  29. Checking into a hotel, motel, B&B, camping ground, Airbnb location(?), condo rental, etc.
  30. Being carded at a door to a 21+ event, concerts, and venues
  31. Entering a casino in PA
  32. Entering Federal Buildings (REAL ID)
  33. Opening an account at a bank, credit union, store, etc., and I assume at one of those ‘fast cash your paycheck’ places
  34. To take the Pennsylvania notary public exam
  35. Perhaps to apply for professional and occupational licenses from the PA Department of State (and other states)
  36. To provide identity evidence to join professional Associations (perhaps the Bar, etc. I don’t know)
  37. Purchasing a firearm
  38. Applying for a rental unit or apartment
  39. Joining a gym or YMCA
  40. Buying alcohol at Sheetz ‘gas stations’.  From the respondent: They did not scan it for my ID to check age, but scanned for other data collection
  41. To visit your local public school during school hours.  Get checked in by security. Just to visit your own children.
  42. Renting power equipment from Home Depot or another equipment dealer
  43. Applying for a job
  44. Applying for insurance
  45. Registering to bid at an auction
  46. To apply for a passport, visa, “green card”?
  47. Admission to a theater to see an “R” rated movie! (I can’t make this up, and no, it was not me!)
  48. Can be used as proof of identity/eligibility for employment purposes.
  49. Used for State and/or federal background checks / fingerprinting
  50. Proof that you are an organ donor (or not)
  51. Proof that you are a Veteran (or not), so you can get certain services or discounts
  52. Will call tickets (tickets you have ordered and picked up at the theater)
  53. I got carded at a movie theater to make sure I matched the name on my vaccination card
  54. Boarding a train