The IRS started a roll-out of ID.ME facial recognition, but ran into bad publicity and bad results.  How that relates to something like Biometric Pre Check is not clear at this point. The big difference is that the person is present at the biometric scanner and not for ID.ME.  Altho ID.ME was adding locations all around the country that could be used for this, and that is in addition to all the sites that the TSA has enabled for frequent traveler programs to get into the pre-check lines today.

The article on this issues from wired had this to say:

Even before the IRS controversy, at least one federal agency was skittish about using face recognition for online ID checks. The Social Security Administration warned NIST in 2020 of “privacy, usability, and policy concerns” about the technology. “In preliminary testing, we have found a sizable number of customers are uncomfortable submitting a photograph or lack the technical knowledge or hardware to do so successfully,” the agency wrote. It cited concerns about potential bias affecting minority groups and asked that alternatives be permitted. NIST is due to publish an updated draft of its digital identity guidelines this year, and after public comment will finalize it in 2023.

Added a link to the NYTimes reporting if you paid.  I.R.S. Will Allow Taxpayers to Forgo Facial Recognition Amid Blowback - The New York Times (