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Welcome to the Resilient Identifiers for Underserved Populations Work Group.

This RIUP WG operates under the  Kantara Initiative IPR Policies Version 2.0 and the Non-Assertion Covenant.



The purpose of the Work Group is to support vulnerable and underserved populations in America. At a high level, these populations include those with physical and cognitive disabilities, or who are homeless, impoverished, senior citizens, immigrants, incarcerated, institutionalizedand otherwise underserved minority groups that need digital credentials to access online resources; particularly, online healthcare and financial resources. Without an easily reusable identifier, it is nearly impossible for these individuals to gain secure access to the resources and services that may be available to them.

We will work, in collaboration with other private sector and public agencies towards establishing identifiers and access management (IAM) solutions that respect privacy, promote efficiency, limit redundancy, reduce barriers to use/adoption, increase interoperability, improve security, enhance safety and trust, eliminate identification errors, support resiliency, and achieve greater empowerment across the entire spectrum of online transactions. The RIUP WG will identify, coordinate, innovate and harmonize with ongoing and emerging identity initiatives, standards, and technologies, and communicate our findings to all relevant stakeholders, both in the US and,selectively, with other countries, under the leadership of the Kantara Initiative.

The RIUP working group merged two Kantara WGs that were legacy groups from the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group. The Federated Identifiers for a Resilient Ecosystem (FIRE) WG and the Healthcare IT Assurance WG (HIAWG). The merged group will continue to extend the usability and adoption of the former IDESG's Identity Ecosystem framework and registry to help identity ecosystem participants and individuals with their identity and personal data management, in particular underserved and vulnerable populations. All RIUP WG work products will adhere to the IDEF Framework and the guiding principles in all of its products including documents, systems and protocols (e.g., will be "FIRE-proof"), and we will implement our own best practices within our own technology and program development.



On September 6, 2022 the Leadership Council approved a new charter for the Resilient Identifiers for Underserved Populations (RIUP) WG, merging the FIRE WG and HIAWG. Both of the merging work groups were legacy work groups from the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, which was acquired by Kantara Initiative in 2018. The new group space is located at RIUP WG, which will link to legacy documentation and recommendations produced by these two groups. The FIRE WG and HIAWG spaces will be archived once the new RIUP WG space is complete.



Co-Chair: @Jim Kragh and @Thomas e Sullivan, MD

Vice-Chair: @Justin Byrd

Secretary: @Noreen Whysel

Editor: @Noreen Whysel, Officers

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Calls are the First and Third Tuesday of each month at 1pm Eastern Time

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