The ANCR WG has kicked off its work to update the Kantara Consent Receipt Specification v1.1. The current specification is included in ISO/IEC 29184 Online Privacy Noticies and Consent as Appendia B. The workgroup brings together the same community of experts armed with increased global requirements to address critical issues we face with consent across physical and digital space and the opportunity to leverage the notice  and consent receipts for decentralized controls and interoperability in the delivery identity and surveillance governance. The ANCR WG is working with and leveraging the important and sympathetic work across the consent community. In our kick off  before the formal start of the work group we brought together leaders of the global consent community. We look forward to facilitating collaboration and input into the WG.  We have created a file repository where we have our drafts for the WG effort framework and the receipt fields as well as videos of presentations.