The ANCR Report Jan 2023

ANCR WG: Announces an Open Notice Controller Credential to champion the standardization of Digital Privacy Transparency and to mark the occasion, and our activities, we use the name Digital Privacy Day.

3 New Workstreams and Projects

  1. An Open Notice Controller: TPI Record & Credential n An Open Notice Controller Credential (ONCC) contains all the required information and guidance to embed required information for self-asserted digital privacy notice records.

    1. The ONCC is specified to CoE Convention 108+, GDPR, and produces records which can be used for ISO/IEC 29184 Online privacy notice and consent, conformity assessments. This furthers the work done in the stanards development to date with a specification for standard open digital privacy access with a digital privacy framework for PII Controllers,

  2. Transparency Performance Indicators, used to make a notice record and measure transparency performance

    1. The TPIs are used to create a digital privacy transparency record with ISO/IEC 29100 privacy framework for definition and terms.

  3. 2 Factor Concentric Notice (2FCN), used to generate a proof of notice record and an evidence of consent receipt, with an Notice Record or ONCC, depending on the stakeholder generating the record.

    1. A 2FCN is used to implement or enhance existing privacy service practices and is designed to replace terms and conditions with a consent receipt, it used the core interoperable schema specification of the Consent Receipt V1.1.

Last Quarter Activity

The workgroup submitted comments to the Federal Trade Commission on its Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Commercial Surveillance and Data Security. Advocating for;

  • Introduction of the 2FCN,

  • To legislate rules for digital privacy that scale on the internet.

  • Educate about digital transparency technology for ‘co-regulation innovation’ through standardized digital transparency that provides decentralized data governance with notice and consent.

Community News

  • - Demo’s: Consent Receipt Suite

  • Mark Lizar takes on role as a IEEE Sub-Committee Vice Chair, for Data Flow and Control in the Human Context. Suite

  • Jan 27, Digital Privacy Day Event: Hosted event inviting Ieee Digital Privacy Community to participate in Sc1, and introducing to Kantara ANCR Specifications.

The ANCR WG specifications measure digital transparency performance and record it in a notice credential for a personal record of digital privacy.  These are used  to implement law is code transparency that supersede ‘terms and conditions’, ‘user licenses’, ‘privacy policies’ and ‘data sharing agreements’.