WG - ISI (Information Sharing Interoperability)


The Information Sharing Interoperability Work Group is the successor to the Consent and Information Sharing Work Group (now archived). WG-ISI continues development in the same domain as its predecessor with a modified and broadened scope to allow multiple projects to proceed under the default IPR option Non Assertion Covenant. It is envisaged that text from the Consent Receipt and from the Blockchain Identity Taxonomy will be re-contributed to ISIWG from CISWG subject to the agreement of those respective contributors.   Read the full charter

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This ISI WG operates under the Kantara IPR Option:  Non Assertion Covenant 


Chair: James Pasquale
(as of 2022/02/06)
Vice-Chair/s  or Co-Chairs:
Andrew Hughes (as of 2022/02/06)
Recording Secretary:
Kate Downing (as of 2022/02/06)
Roles of Leadership 

Teleconference Info - All hands ISI-WG (projects co-ordination) call

TIME: 10:00AM  Eastern Time (meeting is pinned to Eastern Time - use Time Zone Converter to convert to other time zones)

DAY: Weekly on Thursdays