2021-02-16 Meeting notes-OLD




  • TrustRegistry.org
  • COVID Testing Validation research
  • NISTIR 8344 Ontology for Authentication

Discussion items


1) TrustRegistry.org

 During our last meeting we focused attention on the Trust Registry which Tom developed  and thanks to Noreen, Jeff and Sals input, Tom made some changes, Tom appreciates thanks your contribution and in-put -  latest version:  https://trustregistry.org

2) COVID testing validation research

Tom and I have been doing a tag team with several national regional players trying to pull a solution together for the traveling public who need to validate they have been tested with in the past 72 hours and or have been vaccinated..... update when we talk.

3) NISTIR 8344 Ontology for Authentication

Read the link to the one pager + one paragraph ref on the need of a digital identity, our MAAS doc, NISTIR 8344 Ontology for Authentication (https://csrc.nist.gov/publications/detail/nistir/8344/draft). Jim Kragh extracted key definitions from the  NIST document. We need to change some wording in the MAAS doc and if we do we will be in a prime position to approach ONC. 

Action items