MyData 2018 Interop Demo

This page is the root for planning pages related to the MyData 2018 Interop Demo. The goal is to demonstrate either live or recorded instances of exchanging consent receipts between organizations. The intent is to show that data is flowing and that consent receipts are being parsed correctly.

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jim pasquale Pasquale

Creating 'export' functionality for the Consent Access Certificates

Demo apps are available

CConsentuaRichard Gomer /  Chris CooperConsentua1.  Use a Consentua generated Consent Receipt that is then accessed via another consent service (in a new release we have a discreet API that access’ CR’s stored in a separate repository).  Key will be knowing the User ID and having permission to access the CR.   (Can do this OOB but will require a query to be run until new release available).  

2.  Cookie Consent Extension in the browser - read by another service before ad placement.  (No code change for API, but new extension required)

3.  Consentua access’ a CR stored in another consent repository.  Show case data portability of CR specification.  
But… will need Consentua to be flexible enough to injest pre-written CR’s and append them to a service that will need to be created but wont be pointing to an internal data source (this will drive a code change).   
COpen Consent

Planning underway to develop a 'Receipt Viewer' - a tool that a person can use to display receipts that they have been issued.

Resource planning underway.


Kartik Venkatesh

Stuart Lacey


Oscar Santolalla

Keith Uber

Users log in via Ubisecure Customer Identity Management System to access an enterprise application (sample SAML Java application).

Right after a user enters username and password, the CIAM system prompts a consent page. If the user accepts consent, then a consent receipt is generated and can be downloaded, and the user is redirected to the application.

The generated consent receipt could be imported by another software product, such as a wallet to store receipts or display the same information in human readable format.

This prototype doesn’t import or display a consent receipt, but is focused on export only. Users can also choose to skip the optional consent receipt download.

IUNLOQMircea PatachiClym

IiWelcomeCorné van RooijiWelcomeFollowing the projectLive


Marvin van Wingerde

igreeigree is a platform which enables secure and trustful collection and processing of personal data. By using igree, individuals have real-time insight in usage of their personal data by third parties and the ability to modify consent preferences on the go. As a company, you have up-to-date and audible insight in the consent preferences of your clients, and keep them informed of your data processing practices.development

Temporary Files Working Folder

For the interop demo, the group will export consent receipts as simple files. Importers will pick up these files. This Google drive folder can be used as a temporary intermediate storage location. Note: this is not a protected folder - ensure your importer does input sanitization.

Google drive folder for export/import of consent receipts

Interoperability Use Cases

Sequence diagrams

Sequence Diagrams for Consent Receipt Interop demo

UX Storyboard Drafts

The 2018-07-12 Mintues have the first draft of the storyboards. As they are refined, we will create a dedicated page.

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