Charter (Consent & Information Sharing)

(1) WG NAME (and any acronym or abbreviation of the name): The WG name, acronym and abbreviation must not include trademarks not owned by the Organization, or content that is infringing, harmful, or inappropriate.

Information Sharing Work Group (InfoSharing WG)

(2) PURPOSE: Please provide a clear statement of purpose and justification why the proposed WG is necessary.

Project VRM and other related parties wish to build a framework around which a new type of personal information can be enabled to flow, and in doing so improve the relationship between demand and supply. Our contention is that when individuals are forced to sign organization-centric privacy policies/ terms of use then this places limitations on the information that will be shared. If such constraints were removed, and capabilities built on the side of the individual, then new, rich information will flow - including actual demand data (as opposed to derived/ predicted demand). The goal of this working group is to identify and document the use cases and scenarios that illustrate the various sub-sets of individual-driven information sharing, the benefits therein, and specify the policy and technology enablers that should be put in place to enable this information to flow.

(3) SCOPE: Explain the scope and definition of the planned work.

The founding Work Group participants recognize that deployers are working in an ever-evolving heterogeneous environment that requires interoperability of identity services (i.e. identity- and SOA-enabled applications), both internal and external to the enterprise. In order to advance the identity-enabled marketplace - specifically application domains that rely upon identity-based web services - this Work Group is chartered to:

  • Become an active public discussion forum for the collection, development, and analysis of use cases/ scenarios that are met by the emerging concept of individual-driven information sharing.
  • Develop a detailed public roadmap that provides recommended next actions to make the concept of individual-driven information sharing a reality within 12 months.
  • Foster awareness of and participation in this effort from the broadest stakeholder cross-section possible, both the near-term use case phase taking place in this working group, the mid-term specification and practical framework build phase, and the long-term adoption of the newly emerged individual-driven information sharing.

(4) DRAFT TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: List Working Titles of draft Technical Specifications to be produced (if any), projected completion dates, and the Standards Setting Organization(s) to which they will be submitted upon approval by the Membership.

  • Personal data store - an illustrative technical specification (in that we feel it is impossible to be definitive in this area)
  • Technical specifications for individual-driven information sharing mechanism(s)
  • Definition of Service Interface Specs (SIS) for each identified type of individual-driven information sharing (e.g. Buying Intentions)

It is the intention of the Information Sharing WG to ultimately submit the specifications listed above to an appropriate OASIS TC for full life-cycle maintenance.

(5) OTHER DRAFT RECOMMENDATIONS: Other Draft Recommendations and projected completion dates for submission for All Member Ballot.

  • A clear description and definition of User Driven Information
  • Use cases illustrating deployment of User Driven Information across a wide range of scenario's
  • A standardized approach to a data sharing agreement as driven from the individual perspective
  • Deployment guidelines
  • Trust-marks, Audit and Compliance mechanisms
  • Qualitative and quantitative market research amongst individuals on the factors that will dictate uptake of individual-driven information sharing (subject to funding)
  • Qualitative and quantitative market research amongst organizations on the factors that will dictate uptake of individual-driven information sharing (beginning with Kantara Initiative member base)

(6) LEADERSHIP: Proposed WG Chair and Editor(s) (if any) subject to confirmation by a vote of the WG Participants.

Iain Henderson, Mydex Community Interest Company (Chair)
Joe Andrieu, SwitchBook (co-Chair)

(7) AUDIENCE: Anticipated audience or users of the work.

Developers entrepreneurs, policy makers, deployers both internal and external to large organizations who manage individuals customers...,,

(8) DURATION: Objective criteria for determining when the work of the WG has been completed (or a statement that the WG is intended to be a standing WG to address work that is expected to be ongoing). 

The Kantara Leadership Council charters the Information Sharing Work Group for five years. It may be amended from time to time, with changes approved by the Leadership Council. This charter will expire in June 2014

(9) IPR POLICY: The Organization approved Intellectual Property Rights Policy under which the WG will operate.

Kantara IPR Policy - Option Patent and Copyright (RAND)

(10) RELATED WORK AND LIAISONS: Related work being done in other WGs or other organizations and any proposed liaison with those other WGs or organizations.

  • Identity Assurance Framework_
  • Identity Governance Framework
  • Project VRM
  • Emerging VRM .dot org
  • Identity Card FoundationOpen ID Foundation
  • Identity Commons
  • DataPortability Project

(11) CONTRIBUTIONS (optional): A list of contributions that the proposers anticipate will be made to the WG.

Use cases (from prior VPI SIG)Design documentation for personal data store and VPI sharing (Mydex)Reference deployment for personal data store and VPI sharing using ID WSF, Information Cards, XRI / OpenID (Mydex)

(12) PROPOSERS: Names, email addresses, and any constituent affiliations of at least the minimum set of proposers required to support forming the WG.

  • Iain Henderson, Mydex Community Interest Company 
  • Bill Washburn
  • Joe Andrieu, SwitchBook
  • Eve Maler, Sun Microsystems
  • Doc Searls




May 22nd, 2009

The Leadership Council ratifies this charter for operation.

May 27th, 2009

Change Request: modify charter to include intended SDO submission in section 4.  The Leadership Council ratified the change request for inclusion in the UDVPI-Tech Charter.

April 5th, 2011

Editorial change to update deprecated IPR option "Liberty" to "Patent and Copyright (RAND)".  "Liberty" and "Patent and Copyright (RAND)" are the same IPR policy, however the Board of Trustees determined that "Liberty" as an IPR option title had no meaning.  The decision was made to update the option name to "Patent and Copyright (RAND)" as it was a more logical title.