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1ISO 18013-5

Mobile driving licence (mDL) application available ISO online browsing platform. The full text is not publicly available
2ISO AWS TS 23220-5The reference to the still very formative work that will develop Identity Management aspects to support ISO 18013-5
3Secure Technology AllianceThe mDL initiative at the STA
4W3C DID coreDecentralized Identifiers
5W3C Verified CredentialsVC Data Model
6Data Privacy Vocabulary

W3C Community Group

Draft Vocabulary

7Tele-Medicine Use Casefrom Kantara Healthcare Identity Assurance work group has some open question for this group
8KERI.ONEKey Event Receipt Infrastructure (KERI)https://keri.oneinterested in commentary on this with respect to key management in the mDL ecosystem.
9Older Wiki SitesData from older wiki describing the Virginia experience and others of State issued ID in helping vulnerable populations
10Transforming Data Flow Diagrams for Privacy ComplianceAn academic paper for the automated creation of "Privacy-Aware Data Flow Diagrams" or PA-DFDs
11State Issued ID for Healthcare Use Casefrom Kantara Healthcare Identity Assurance work group goal is to promote the use of the ISO 18013-5 format in most State-issued IDs.
12AAMVA resources incl the RFI (Dec 2020) and accompanying FAQs

AAMVA resources, including the RFI

13Medium post by David Kelts on how ISO 18013-5 compliant mDLs could workGeneral description of the flow and how they can be used to enhance the user's digital experience for entitlements and proof of identity