2020-10-28 Meeting notes



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Discussion items

5 minutesCall To Order
10 minutesScheduling
  • We are using the Kantara Go To Meeting facility. This has the advantage of working well with other Kantara Initiatives etc. But limits the times available. Continue with Wednesday at 11:00?
  • Cadence for meetings will depend on how the group wants to do the drafting.


  • A consensus was achieved on setting up a drafting committee to do the drafting of the reporting, alternating with full WG meetings to review and comment on the draft.
10 minutesDrafting

The Kantara Operating Procedures (Section 7.7.2) approvals for group reports go through the following states:

  • Group-Editors’ Draft Document
    • Working document in the DG, revisions by consensus
    • Moves to next stage by simple majority of Group Participants
  • Group-Approved Draft Report
    • Moves Kantara Initiative Report on simple majority of Kantara Leadership Council
  • Published

Note: Meeting votes (approval of minutes, agenda items, etc) are done be ‘voting members’ of the DG. Group Approval of the Draft Report is a majority of Group Participants.

30 minutesReport StructureAll

A Straw Man outline has been created. It may or may not reflect the will of the DG. This part of the meeting is to initiate the discussion.

Any proposal aligned with the DG DG PImDL - Charter can be entertained.

Once a high-level structure/outline is in view, various writing deliverables can be discussed. In essence do we want a small group or an individual to take DG input for updating the draft, or do we want to divide into drafting subgroups?

5 minutesWrap up & Adjournment
  • Summarize Discussion
  • Identify Action Items, if any
  • Adjourn

Next Meeting:  

Action items

  • Set up regular meeting schedule  
  • Set up