2021-03-10 Meeting notes (Draft)


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  • Review and discuss the current draft report

Discussion items

5 minutesCall To Order
50 minutesEditor's Draft #3All
  • Review of document including:
    • Does the Scope Considerations table stay for publication?
    • Questions about data model and credential (ftnt. p. 9)
    • Is the framing the mDL as an identity credential or as a store of personal information and identity attributes. It's only a credential when used for that purpose.
    • How to frame section 2.2 on risk properly
    • Don't use "Shall" Language, as this isn't a standard
  • The drafting subgroup hopes to have content contributions complete in the next round
    • Now is the time for every member of the discussion group to review and comment on the draft
  • Proposed Roadmap:
    • In three weeks have a content complete draft.
    • If the group is happy with that we can go to vote.
    • Realistically we expect the need to address some issues and final wordsmithing so plan to go to a weekly cadence to try and finalize the document for publication in April.
5 minutesWrap up & Adjournment
  • Summarize Discussion
  • Identify Action Items, if any
  • Adjourn

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