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  • Group Participation Agreement and explanation of IPR
  • Logistics of Kantara Discussion Groups
  • Group Introductions
  • Next Steps

Discussion items

5 minutesGPA and IPR
5 minutesLogisticsJohn Wunderlich
  • John is the interim chair
  • Elections for leadership, chair, vice-chair and recording secretary are held on the third meeting of a Kantara group
  • Encouraged everyone to create a Kantara Login to be able to edit and enter information on the Wiki. Instructions here:
  • John Wunderlich asked that everyone who feels comfortable doing so provide a link to their online biography and their email. He plans to add that to the DG PImDL - Participant Roster
45 minutesIntroductionsAllEveryone attending introduced themselves
5 minutesNext StepsAll
  • Input on a cadence for meetings. Consensus on first three meetings weekly, them determine ongoing cadence after leadership selection and some discussion on vision and framing
  • Discussion on deadline. Based on the probable timing of the release of 18013-5 as well as general agreement on what the US rollout schedule might look like, initial consenus is for the report to be complete for Kantara all member vote early in the new year. Depending on the content and recommendations, if any, that allows calendar 2021 for a working group to produce a report/recommendations/conformity assessment if such is warranted.
  • Loffie Jordaan made the point that compliance with ISO 18013-5 is the minimum necessary baseline for interoperability
  • Gail Hodges suggested that a good starting point would be a discussion of what "good" would look like. John Wunderlich pointed out that this needs to be understood from each of the three corners of the mDL high-level mDL architecture: the mDL issuer, the mDL holder, and the mDL consumer. Ken Dagg (Unlicensed) pointed out that this also needs a governance component to ensure trust.
  • Next week is the Internet Identity Workshop and a number of other conferences so the first regular or 'plenary' meeting will be the week of October 26th. That means the third plenary will be the week of November the 9th.

Action items

  • John Wunderlich will work with Kantara staff to identify candidate meeting times that are available in the Kantara calendar and send to the group it settle on a regular meeting time for the next meeting. Preference will be given to late morning Eastern time to allow for reasonably easy participation from the North American West Coast as well as Europe.
  • All participants are encouraged to provide their online biographies and contact eMails either by email to or by adding them directly to their entry in the DG PImDL - Participant Roster