IDESG & Consent Receipt Memo

In honour of the announcement and imminent integration of IDESG into Kantara, and the great work from them, it is very timely to note that"

  • "Consent receipts were added to the IDESG best practice web site which is accessible at this site."

As well, there is a great article forward from a wiki : (Author not obvious yet).

This wiki post explains that;

'In the context of an IDESG identifier provider best practice it was based on a state at the IdP of a user immediately after a user initiated profile update. Note that user here means whatever sort of entity has the identifier shown as "user name". It cannot be inferred that the identified user has any rights, or indeed any legal standing, under any regulation, as that would be an unwarranted privacy exposure of its own.'

Also some good feedback with a suggestion, make this wiki post even more worth of mention. 

  • "It might be useful for the consent receipt to carry an indication of the context (aka receipt type) at its generation." 

 A Receipt Type feature is definitely a great idea.(Note: Action to add Receipt Type to the bucket) If anyone has a type of receipt the like most, please add to the list receipt type

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