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The ID Legal – Map the Gap Discussion Group (MtG DG) is a collaboration between the ID Commons (IDC) (1) Identity and Legal Communities Cross Pollination Group (ID Legal) (2) and Participants within various Kantara Initiative Working Groups. The focus of the MtG DG is on a “Mapping the Gap” event that was initially proposed within the ID Legal discussions (3).

The goals of the MtG DG are to:

  • provide a mechanism to support the dialog between technologists and legal professionals working on 'identity'.
  • facilitate the development of the “Map the Gap” event in Washington D.C., tentatively scheduled for February, 2010
  • provide a mechanism to collaborate on a report that emerges from the event.
  • act as a springboard for follow-on activities identified by the event, possibly holding additional events that focus on other legal and regulatory environments.

(1) http://idcommons.net/
(2) http://wiki.idcommons.net/ID-Legal_Charter
(3) http://wiki.idcommons.net/ID-Legal_Conf_Plan_Outline

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