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Our Mission: To grow and fulfil the market for trustworthy use of identity and personal data. 

Our Vision: To see equitable and transparent exchange of identity and personal data for mutual value

Leadership Council Homepage

The roles and responsibilities of the Leadership Council (as defined in the Kantara Initiative Bylaws) include:

  • Approve of Work Group Charters;

  • Oversee operations and expenditures of all Groups;

  • Disband Groups;

  • Approve of Work Group output for All Member Ballot
    (Approval and publication procedures are summarized here);

  • Prepare annual and supplemental LC budget requests to the BoD;

  • Elect up to two representatives to Board of Directors;

  • Develop & maintain the Operating Procedures, subject to BoD approval.

  • Oversee liaison activities  of the WGs and DGs. 

Current Meetings


  • Chair: Alec Laws, IDENTOS

  • Vice-Chair:  John Wunderlich

  • Secretary: Sal D'Agostino

Liaison to the Board of Directors from the Leadership Council

  • Alec Laws

Chair Tools


LC Monthly Meeting (3rd Tuesday of the month, 10 AM ET):


Meeting ID: 948 9786 7446
Passcode: 539355

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