CHARTER Deepfake Threats to IDPV Discussion Group (DeepfakesIDV DG)



Deepfake Threats to Identity Proofing and Verification Discussion Group (DeepfakesIDV DG)

Please provide a clear statement of the topic, purpose, and/or motivation for requesting the formation of this DG.

Realistic simulations of human voice, video and text created by “Generative AI” systems have proliferated over the last year. The simulations pose enhanced risk that Identity Proofing and Verification (IDPV) systems will be unable to distinguish real from fake signals. Organizations that rely on IDPV services to prevent fraud or impersonation are experiencing higher number and frequency of fraudulent attempts.

This group will research how IDPV systems could be subverted or fooled by “deepfakes”, “Generative AI”, and other AI-related mechanisms.

The anticipated output of the discussion group is a report describing the nature of the threats, vulnerabilities, and potential countermeasures.

The report is intended to inform purchasers of IDPV services about AI-related techniques that may decrease the effectiveness of IDPV services, and to enable readers to discuss the topic and potential risk mitigation actions within their organization and with IDPV service providers.

Proposed DG Chair subject to confirmation by a vote of the DG Participants.

Chair: Denny Prvu - RBC - Royal Bank of Canada

Anticipated Participants in this DG.

  • IDPV system vendors

  • Purchasers of IDPV services

  • Experts in “AI-related” human simulation techniques and technologies

  • Experts in IDPV techniques and technologies

  • Experts in document authentication techniques and technologies

  • Experts in human liveness detection techniques and technologies

  • Business operations managers that rely on IDPV services

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Kantara Initiative IPR Policy - Option Non-Assertion Covenant


Names, email addresses, and any constituent affiliations of at least the minimum set of proposers required to support forming the DG. At least 3 Participants are required to request formation of a DG.

  1. Andrew Hughes, FaceTec, 

  1. Denny Prvu, RBC,

  1. Alec Laws, IDENTOS,

  1. Jim Pasquale, Chasm Crossing Solutions,



The report should generate high interest from industry given the overall media interest in Generative AI right now.

As a Kantara Membership benefit, we intend to allow paid-up Kantara members to receive direct recognition in the report – perhaps on a page of logos, certainly acknowledged by company name. The DG will discuss the best way forward for this.