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Core concepts topics


Core concepts: & core concepts

Jay Meier


Core concepts:

Mike Engle, Andrew Hughes, Jay Meier,


Core concepts:

James Monaghan, Jay Meier

Attacks & Threats topics


What are the current Attack vectors & threats?

Joey Pritikin, Mike Chaudoin


How are Phone/Voice attacked and defended?

Chris LaBarbera


Some examples of Attack scenarios & real world media stories

Sean Lanzner, Maxine Most

Prevention, Defences, Countermeasures topics


What are current Prevention & Countermeasures?

What do Emerging defences and mitigation strategies look like and how might they evolve?

Dawid Jacobs, Jay Meier

Regulations, Guidelines, Recommendations


What regulations and governmental discussion forums are starting to form? (Collect and Collate) - North American Primary

Denny Prvu

GOALS for content areas

  1. Build up a small knowledge base or content collection related to the content area - use your folder in the wiki.

  2. Write up a set of factual statements that capture the essence of the content area. Do not use jargon. Aim to provide an intelligent (but unexposed to the topic) reader the core facts of the content area.


“DG-Level Topic” Areas

Andrew Hughes

Maxine Most

High-level DG Purpose/Motivations Messaging

DG Leaders