Option Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Reference Notice

This excerpt comes directly from the Kantara Initiative IPR Policies. In the case that there is any discrepancy between this page and the policy the authority always rests with the approved policy HERE

Can be used for any Discussion Group or the development of output of a Work Group other than Technical Specifications.

The definitions of Contributed and Licensed Materials are supplemented to include Discussion Groups as well as Work Groups, so any use of Work Group is to also refer to Discussion Group.

You agree that to the extent to which Work Group or Discussion Group output constitutes a copyrightable work distinct from any Participant's copyright interests in Licensed Materials included as part of such output or from which they are derived, the copyright in such output of a Work Group or Discussion Group shall be owned by Kantara Initiative.

You agree that while participating in the Discussion Group or Work Group any Contributed Licensed Materials are provided to Kantara Initiative and that such Contributed Licensed Materials may be released by Kantara Initiative under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Share Alike license as defined by:


Unless otherwise noted when Contributed, it will be assumed to be made entirely by you with no required attribution or other encumbrances.