A.1 Glossaries

Topic area lead: Jay Meier

A list of potential sources of glossary terms

Name of source

Link or attachment


Name of source

Link or attachment


ISO/IEC 2382-37 Biometrics vocabulary


ISO 2382-37 local download

This is one of the “Publicly Available Standards” that ISO offers free for download.







ENISA Identity Proofing Guidance


No specific glossary. Terms are defined throughout the document


ISO Presentation Attack Defense (PAD) glossary


This requires purchase. Can we buy this??


IBIA Glossary Download




Meier/SCA Secure Credentialing & Identification Biometrics Appendix


This is a section of a book I wrote in 2006, called Secure Credentialing & Identification. Its a section of the book that explains core biometric concepts. It includes a number of terms and relevant explanations that might help with our attempts to avoid scientific jargon… Im not suggesting we publish it in our work, nor citing it. If its inappropriate or not helpful, we’ll remove it.


DHS explainer paper


Interesting and thorough conceptual descriptions of deepfake attacks. Not sure when it was published but its a good read.


MIT DIALy Workshop

The Daily-AI workshop, designed by MIT educators and experienced facilitators, features hands-on and computer-based activities on AI concepts, ethical issues in AI, creative expression using AI, and how AI relates to your future. You will experience training and using machine learning to make predictions, investigate bias in machine learning applications, use generative adversarial networks to create novel works of art, and learn to recognize the AI you interact with daily and in the world around you.


“The DAILy Curriculum for Middle School Students was created by the MIT Media Lab Personal Robots Group and the MIT STEP Lab”

“These materials are licensed as CC-BY-NC under creative commons. This license allows you to remix, tweak, and build upon these materials non-commercially as long as you include acknowledgement to the creators. Derivative works should include acknowledgement but do not have to be licensed as CC-BY-NC.”