GSA process and procedures


The GSA Office of Government-wide Policy has been working on updating the governance process and procedures for the Trust Framework Solutions (TFS) Program and has released the Trust Framework Solutions Program Concept of Operations (ConOps) and Trust Framework (TF) Certification Process drafts on November 17, 2017.

The ConOps outlines the mission, goals, and objectives for the Trust Framework Solutions Program, Trust Frameworks, and their respective members. The Certification Process outlines the process for initial and continual certification process for Trust Frameworks and their associated community of interest/credential service providers.

Deadline to provide feedback: December 22, 2017

GSA Drafts 

ConOps Trust_Framework_Solution_Program_Concept_of_Operations.docx

Certification Process Trust_Framework _SolutionsCertification and Renewal Process.docx

Comment Sheets: Comment Sheet - TFS_Certification_Process.xlsx      Comment Sheet - TFS_ConOps.xlsx


SG GSA 2017-12-11 Meeting Notes

SG GSA 2017-12-05 Meeting notes

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Comment Sheet - TFS_Certification_Process+Zygma.xlsx

Trust_Framework _SolutionsCertification and Renewal Process CW Analysis Rev1.docx

Decision to create a sub-group and next steps

IAWG Meeting Minutes 2017-11-30

IAWG approach - Draft Project Plan 

DRAFT KI approach to GSA process and procedures documents 20171129.docx

GANTT CHART_Draft Project Plan_ Phase 2.xlsx