Transparency for Trust

The Anchored Notice and Consent Receipt (ANCR) WG has approved a WG Draft Kantara Recommendation Transparency Performance Scheme (TPS) and Indicators (TPIs) and shared this with the Leadership Council for comment. The work address critical gaps in security and privacy by establishing and measuring standardized digital transparency and notice requirements based on the legal requirements that exists in all security and privacy frameworks. The comformance and compliance scheme and indicators are mapped directly to CoE 108+ which provide legal authority and provenance across nearly 50 countries, including signatories outside of Europe. Other mappings are underway. These tools are directly designed for use by people to be able to control their personal data, exercise their rights, and create their own records of processing activity (ROPA) independently of service providers and to be able to co-govern their data. In doing so it advances new vectors of governance of personal data control, and co-governance (complementing regulatory authorities' activities), in addition to data protection. The WG is co-sponsorium a symposium and hackathon September 22 - 24 in Montreal in combination with Quebec Bill 64 “An Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information” which comes into force on 22 September.