Entity Naming Conventions

This is to capture issues and requirements around the naming of entities across federations.

  • Federations accepting certifications from 3rd parties
    • If a Federation publishes a LoA claim in its meta-data based on one or more 3rd party assurances eg Kantara LoA 2 IAF + OSIS ICAM LoA 2 Infocard profile, how do the various parties assured that they are referring to the same Entity so that the meta-data can be produced in an automated way.
  • Entities belonging to multiple federations publishing meta-data
    • A entity may need to choose different entityID for each federation they belong to if RP/SP are importing meta-data from multiple sources eg OIX, InCommon, and Kantara. This creates a issue for the RP/SP as a user coming from the same IdP will appear to be a different user depending on what trust Framework LoA the RP/SP was requiring. This happens when different Federations are certifying different trust frameworks and a given IdP belongs to multiple federations to get certified.