Third-Party Profiles and Extensions

Third-Party Profiles and Extensions

This page attempts to track third-party UMA profiles and extensions. Appearance of information here should not be taken as an endorsement by the UMA Work Group (though the group may subsequently choose to adopt any contributed third-party profiles or extensions as work items). We strongly recommend that profilers study and follow the advice given in the Specifying Additional Profiles section of the UMA core specification. As recommended in the UMA V2.0 Grant specification, an authorization server supporting a related profile or extension should supply any identifying URI in its uma_profiles_supported metadata.

Profiles in the Healthcare Sector

The HEART (Health Relationship Trust) Working Group has profiled UMA 2.0 in the form of two specifications, Health Relationship Trust Profile for User-Managed Access 2.0 and
Health Relationship Trust Profile for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) UMA 2 Resources, both at Implementer's Draft status as of this writing.

Profiles in the Financial Sector

The not-for-profit company Origo has profiled UMA for use in the UK Pensions Dashboard ecosystem. See this page for more information.