Activity Summary

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Teleconference Schedule

We have a WG meeting series every Thursday on an alternating schedule, with "primary week" meetings held for an hour at 6:30-7:30am US Pacific time and "alternate week" meetings held for an hour at 10-11am US Pacific time. Make sure to subscribe to the UMA calendar, which shows the current schedule; you can also request a calendar invitation from the chair. The US Pacific timezone is normative even as summertime/daylight saving time changes vary around the world. See our wiki home page for meeting connection information. We do not schedule face-to-face meetings, but take advantage of F2F opportunities when they arise.

Resolution Summary

The resolution number is the date the resolution passed, followed by a letter.

Resolution number

Text of Resolution


Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2020-11-19.

2020-12-03-BAccept the Origo profile contributions for consideration.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2020-10-01, 2020-10-15, 2020-10-22, 2020-10-29, 2020-11-05, 2020-11-12.

2020-11-19-AThe Working Group recognizes and appreciates the significant contributions made by the outgoing vice-chair, Maciej Machulak, to the development and progress of the UMA specifications.
2020-10-15-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2020-10-08.
2020-10-15-BInstall Alec Laws as vice-chair for a term of one year.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2020-09-17, 2020-09-24.

2020-09-17-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2020-07-09, 2020-07-16, 2020-07-23, 2020-07-30, 2020-08-06, 2020-08-13, 2020-08-20, 2020-08-27, 2020-09-03, 2020-09-10.
2020-07-09-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2020-06-11, 2020-06-25, 2020-07-02.
2020-06-11-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2020-03-12, 2020-03-26, 2020-04-02, 2020-04-23, 2020-04-30, 2020-05-14, 2020-05-28.

Approve minutes of UMA telecons 2019-10-032019-11-21, 2019-12-05, 2019-12-12, 2019-12-19, 2020-02-13.


Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2019-08-08, 2019-09-05.


Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2019-06-20, 2019-08-01.

2019-06-20-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2019-03-142019-03-28, 2019-04-04, 2019-04-18, 2019-05-23, 2019-005-30.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2019-02-28.

2019-03-14-BTim Reiniger to serve in the Legal Editor role for another annual term.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2019-02-21.


Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2019-01-172019-02-07.

2019-02-07-AApprove contributing the umagrant and umafederation I-Ds, with the umagrant Figure 1 lines fixed, to the IETF.
2019-01-17-AApprove minutes of UMA telecons 2018-12-062018-12-132018-12-202019-01-10.
2018-12-06-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-11-15.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2018-11-08.

2018-11-08-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-10-18 and UMA telecon 2018-11-02.
2018-10-18-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-09-20, UMA telecon 2018-10-04, UMA telecon 2018-10-11.
2018-09-20-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-08-23, UMA telecon 2018-09-13.
2018-08-23-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-08-09.
2018-08-09-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-06-142018-07-12.
2018-07-12-AEve to serve as chair for another annual term and Maciej to serve as vice-chair for another annual term.
2018-06-14-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-06-07.
2018-06-07-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-05-31.
2018-05-31-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-05-24.
2018-05-24-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-03-01, UMA telecon 2018-03-29, UMA telecon 2018-04-12, UMA telecon 2018-05-10.
2018-03-01-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-02-22.
2018-02-22-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-02-15.
2018-02-22-BAccept the charter refresh proposal.
2018-02-22-CAndi proposes for Tim Reiniger to serve in the Legal Editor role on the UMA WG Leadership Team for an annual term.
2018-02-15-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-02-01 and UMA telecon 2018-02-08.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2018-01-18.

2018-01-18-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2018-01-04.
2018-01-04-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-12-21.
2017-12-21-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-12-14.
2017-11-16-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-08-03, UMA telecon 2017-08-17, and UMA telecon 2017-09-14.
2017-11-16-BApprove Draft Recommendations Grant rev 09 and FedAuthz rev 09 as amended according to the editorial instructions of UMA telecon 2017-11-16, as ready to send to the Leadership Council for certification towards an All-Member Ballot.
2017-09-05-AHaving disposed of all Public Comment/IPR Review period comments, approve UMA 2.0 Grant rev 08 and FedAuthz rev 08 as Draft Recommendations and forward them, with reference to the UMA 2.0 Disposition of Comments, to the Kantara Leadership Council to request their certification and determination of their next step towards finalization as Recommendations. (e-ballot, closed 2017-09-10)
2017-08-17-AApprove minutes of ad hoc UMA telecon 2017-08-07, ad hoc UMA telecon 2017-08-08.
2017-08-03-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-07-20, UMA telecon 2017-07-27.
2017-07-20-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-06-29 and UMA telecon 2017-07-13.
2017-06-29-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-05-25, UMA telecon 2017-06-15.
2017-06-29-BRe-elect Eve Maler as WG chair for an annual term, Maciej Machulak as WG vice-chair for an annual term, Domenico Catalano as Graphics and User Experience Editor for an indefinite term, and Maciej Machulak as Implementations Coordinator for an indefinite term.
2017-05-25-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-05-18.
2017-05-18-A Approve the draft UMA 2.0 specifications, Grant rev 04 and FedAuthz rev 04, as amended according to the instructions of UMA telecon 2017-05-18, as Draft Recommendations for public comment and IPR review.
2017-05-18-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-04-27.
2017-04-27-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-03-09 and UMA telecon 2017-04-20.
2017-03-09-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-03-02.
2017-03-09-BApprove revisions of the UMA V2.0 Core and Resource Registration specification drafts as Work Group Draft Specifications for publication and review, as amended by the specification revision notes in UMA telecon 2017-03-09 and any non-normative copyedits proposed by Sunday, March 12.
2017-03-02-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-02-23.
2017-02-23-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-02-09.
2017-02-09-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-01-26 and 2017-02-02.
2017-01-26-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-01-19.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2017-01-12.

2017-01-12-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2017-01-05.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2016-12-01.

2016-12-01-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2016-11-10.
2016-11-10-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2016-10-132016-11-03.
2016-10-13-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2016-10-06.
2016-10-06-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2016-09-22.
2016-09-22-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2016-09-012016-09-09.
2016-09-01-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2016-08-16.
2016-08-18-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2016-06-302016-07-072016-07-14.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2016-06-23.


Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2016-06-02.

2016-06-23-BApprove Eve as Chair, Maciej as Vice-Chair, Domenico as User Experience Editor, and Maciej as UMA Dev WG Liaison for the next year.
2016-04-14-AApprove minutes of UMA telecons 2016-03-24 and 2016-03-31.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2016-03-17.

2016-03-24-BApprove the "UMA Claims-Gathering Extension for Enhanced Security" specification, as to be amended, as a draft Technical Specification.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2016-03-10.

2016-03-10-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2016-02-25.

Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2016-02-18.


Approve minutes of UMA telecon 2016-01-07.

2016-01-07-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2015-09-24UMA telecon 2015-11-05, and UMA telecon 2015-12-17.
2015-12-17-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2015-09-24 and UMA telecon 2015-11-05.
2015-11-05-AApprove the UMA Core V1.0.1 and OAuth RSR V1.0.1 specifications dated 5 Nov 2015, as amended with the agreed resolution to issue #229 and appropriate document metadata, for LC certification as Draft Recommendations so that All Member Ballot can begin.
2015-09-10-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-09-03.
2015-09-10-BApprove of the Core and RSR specs of 2015-09-09, as amended according to the instructions of UMA telecon 2015-09-10, for progression to 45-day Public Review.
2015-09-03-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-08-27.
2015-08-27-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-08-13 and UMA telecon 2015-08-20.
2015-08-13-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-08-06.
2014-08-06-AApprove the amended minutes of UMA telecon 2015-07-30.
2015-07-30-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-07-23.
2015-07-23-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-06-25 and read into today's minutes the notes of UMA telecon 2015-07-01UMA telecon 2015-07-09, and UMA telecon 2015-07-16.
2015-06-25-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-05-28 and UMA telecon 2015-06-04, and read into the minutes the notes of UMA telecon 2015-06-11.
2015-05-28-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-04-30.
2015-05-28-BRe-elect Eve as chair, Maciej as vice-chair, Thomas as spec editor, Domenico as user experience editor, and Maciej as implementation coordinator.
2015-05-28-CPropose a vote of thanks to those individuals, who have done an awesome job up until now.
2015-04-30-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-04-16.
2015-04-16-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-03-19 and read into today's minutes the notes of UMA telecon 2015-04-01.
2015-03-19-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-02-26 and read into today's minutes the notes of UMA telecon 2015-03-04.
2015-02-26-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-02-23.
2015-02-23-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-02-19.
2015-02-23-BAsk LC to approve Core rev 12 (as amended) and RSR rev 05 (as amended) as Kantara Initiative Draft Recommendations and request Kantara All-Member Ballot for Recommendation status.
2015-02-23-CPromote the latest drafts to IETF I-Ds.
2015-02-19-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-02-12.
2015-02-12-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-01-15 and UMA telecon 2015-01-22 and read into today's minutes the notes from UMA telecon 2015-02-04.
2015-01-15-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-01-08.
2015-01-08-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2015-01-05.
2015-01-05-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2014-12-18 and read into today's minutes the notes of ad hoc WG meetings held since 2014-12-11.
2015-01-05-BPublish Core rev 11f as amended with our instructions on issues 120 through 124 and RSR rev 04c as Core rev 11 and RSR rev 04 for a 45-day Kantara Public Review and contribute as IETF I-Ds.
2014-12-18-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2014-12-11 and read into today's minutes the notes of ad hoc WG meetings held since 2014-12-04.
2014-12-11-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecons 2014-12-04 and 2014-11-20 and read into today's minutes the notes of ad hoc WG meetings held since 2014-11-20.
2014-11-20-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2014-11-13 and read into today's minutes the notes of ad hoc WG meetings held since 2014-11-13.
2014-11-13-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2014-10-09 and read into today's minutes the notes of UMA telecon 2014-10-16, UMA telecon 2014-10-23, and notes of ad hoc WG meetings held since 2014-10-09.
2014-10-09-AApprove the minutes of UMA telecon 2014-08-28 and read into today's minutes all the notes from all intervening non-quorate telecons.
2014-08-28-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2014-07-31 and read into today's minutes all intervening ad hoc meeting notes.
2014-07-31-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2014-06-26 and read into today's minutes all intervening ad hoc meeting notes.
2014-06-26-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2014-05-29 and read into today's minutes all intervening ad hoc meeting notes.
2014-06-26-BApprove current Core, RSR, and Claim Profiles specs as amended with editorial cleanup items as V0.9 Draft Recommendations and ask Kantara to proceed with All Member Ballot planning, with the intent to publish them as V0.9 Kantara Initiative Recommendations.
2014-05-29-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2014-04-24 and read into today's minutes all intervening ad hoc meeting notes.
2014-05-29-BApprove Eve Maler for Chair, Maciej Machulak for Vice-Chair, Thomas Hardjono for Specification Editor, Domenico Catalano for User Experience Editor, Maciej Machulak for Implementation Coordinator, and Dazza Greenwood for Binding Obligations Specification Editor for a year.
2014-04-24-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2014-03-27 and read into today's minutes all intervening ad hoc meeting notes.
2014-03-27-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2014-03-06 and read into today's minutes all of the intervening focus group notes.
2014-03-06-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2013-11-21 and UMA telecon 2013-12-19 and read into today's minutes all of the intervening focus group notes.
2014-03-06-BAccept Core rev 09g as the next I-D revision, and an "implementor's target" draft that we intend to remain stable during initial interop testing.
2013-11-21-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2013-10-31 and read into today's minutes the notes from all focus meetings held since 2013-10-31.
2013-10-31-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2013-09-26 and UMA telecon 2013-08-01, and read into today's minutes the notes from all focus meetings held since 2013-07-18.
2013-09-26-AAccept the proposed charter revision as amended on 2013-09-26.
2013-08-01-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2013-06-27, and read into today's minutes the notes from UMA telecon 2013-07-18.
2013-08-01-BApprove the current drafts of the UMA Profile of OAuth (rev 07 I-D), Resource Set Registration (rev 01 I-D), and UMA Binding Obligations (rev 01 I-D) as Kantara Initiative Draft Recommendations.
2013-06-27-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2013-05-30, and read into today's minutes the notes from UMA telecon 2013-06-06, UMA telecon 2013-06-13, and UMA telecon 2013-06-20.
2013-05-30-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2013-04-25, and read into today's minutes the notes from UMA telecon 2013-05-02UMA telecon 2013-05-16, and UMA telecon 2013-05-23.
2013-05-30-BRe-elect Eve to chair, Maciej to vice-chair, and Thomas to spec editor roles respectively for another year.
2013-04-25-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2013-02-28 and UMA telecon 2013-03-28, and read into today's minutes the notes from UMA telecon 2013-03-21UMA telecon 2013-03-14, and UMA telecon 2013-03-07.
2013-02-28-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2013-01-31 and reading into today's minutes the following past focus meeting: UMA telecon 2013-02-21.
2013-01-31-AApprove minutes of UMA telecon 2012-12-20 and reading into today's minutes the following past focus meetings: UMA telecon 2013-01-24UMA telecon 2013-01-17UMA telecon 2013-01-10, and UMA telecon 2013-01-03.
2013-12-20-ARead into today's minutes the following past all-hands meetings: UMA telecon 2012-11-29UMA telecon 2012-10-25UMA telecon 2012-09-27 (quorate)UMA telecon 2012-08-16, and UMA telecon 2012-08-02 (quorate).
2012-11-05-AApprove Eve Maler to serve in the UMA WG chair position for a term of one year.
2012-08-02-AApprove minutes of 2012-07-19 and 2012-07-26 meetings.
2012-07-19-AApprove minutes of 2012-07-12 meeting.
2012-07-12-AApprove minutes of 2012-06-21 and 2012-06-28 meetings.
2012-06-21-AApprove minutes of 2012-06-14 meeting.
2012-06-14-AApprove minutes of 2012-05-31 and 2012-06-07 meetings.
2012-05-31-AApprove minutes of 2012-05-24 meeting.
2012-05-24-AApprove minutes of 2012-05-17 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2012-05-10 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2012-04-19 and 2012-04-26 meetings.


Approve Maciej Machulak in the vice-chair role.


Approve minutes of 2012-03-08, 2012-03-15, 2012-03-22, and 2012-03-29 meetings.


Approve Thomas Hardjono in the spec editor role.


Approve minutes of 2012-02-23 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2012-02-16 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2012-02-09 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2012-02-02 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2012-01-12, 2012-01-19, and 2012-01-26 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2012-01-05 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-12-08, 2011-12-15, and 2011-12-22 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2011-11-17 and 2011-12-01 meetings.


Submit the latest UMA core draft, as edited according to 2011-12-08 telecon instructions, as IETF I-D 02.


Approve minutes of 2011-10-13, 2011-10-20, 2011-10-27, 2011-11-03, and 2011-11-10 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2011-10-06 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-09-29 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-09-22 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-09-15 meeting.


Re-elect Eve Maler as the UMA WG chair (by acclamation).


Approve minutes of 2011-09-01 and 2011-09-08 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2011-08-25 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-08-11 and 2011-08-18 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2011-07-07, 2011-07-21, and 2011-07-28 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2011-06-30 meeting.


Approve Rev 00 of the UMA core spec as a Draft Recommendation. (APPROVED by unanimous consent.)


Approve minutes of 2011-06-23 meeting.


Approve the UMA core spec in its current form, with instructions to the editors to continue incorporating open items.


Approve minutes of 2011-06-16 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-06-02 and 2011-06-09 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2011-05-19 and 2011-05-26 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2011-04-28 meeting.


Approve slate of nominees for re-election: Maciej Machulak to Vice-Chair position, and Domenico Catalano to Graphics/UX Editor position.


Approve minutes of 2011-04-21 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-04-14 meeting.


Install Thomas Hardjono as the UMA WG spec editor.


Approve minutes of 2011-03-31 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-03-24 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-03-03 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-02-24 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-02-17 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-02-03 and 2011-02-10 meetings.


Approve design principle 13 with the title "Digital Signatures" and the text "Don't preclude strong authentication through digital signatures, and leverage widely supported signature solutions as options if a reasonable measure of interoperability can be achieved."


Approve minutes of 2011-01-27 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2011-01-13 and 2011-01-20 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2011-01-06 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-12-22 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-12-16 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-12-09 meeting.


The bounty award should be split $2500/$1500 to Cordny Nederkoorn and Project hData, and in the event that Project hData can't accept the award, the WG requests of Kantara that $1500 be allocated towards developing a validator in 2011.


Approve minutes of 2010-12-02 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-11-18 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-10-28, 2010-11-01, and 2010-11-11 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2010-10-14 and 2010-10-20 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2010-10-07 meeting.


Approve bounty program proposal draft 0.3 with the four amendments noted in the UMA telecon 2010-10-14 minutes.


Approve minutes of 2010-09-30 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-09-23 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-09-16 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-08-26, 2010-09-02, and 2010-09-09 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2010-08-12 and 2010-08-19 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2010-08-05 meeting.


Approve motion to undertake a non-secret ballot for the chair position (unanimously).


Approve Eve Maler as the UMA WG chair (by acclamation).


Approve motion to undertake a non-secret ballot for the use cases editor position (unanimously).


Approve Mario Hoffmann as the UMA WG use cases editor (by acclamation).


Approve minutes of 2010-07-29 meeting.


Edit draft 00 of the dynamic client registration I-D according to the instructions received in UMA telecon 2010-08-05 and contribute to the IETF on behalf of the UMA WG.


Approve minutes of 2010-07-22 meeting.


Approve motion as follows: "The UMA WG is supportive of the offer from Newcastle for UMA development funds/deliverables with some sort of Kantara match."


Approve minutes of 2010-07-15 meeting, with correction to Tom Holodnik's attendance status.


Approve minutes of 2010-07-08 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-07-01 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-06-17 and 2010-06-24 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2010-06-10 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-06-03 meeting.


Approve motion to undertake a non-secret ballot for the spec editor position (unanimously).


Approve Christian Scholz as the UMA WG spec editor (by acclamation).


Approve minutes of 2010-05-27 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-05-13 meeting.


Approve motion to undertake a non-secret ballot for the vice-chair position (unanimously).


Approve Maciej Machulak as the UMA WG vice-chair (by acclamation).


Approve minutes of 2010-04-22 and 2010-04-29 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2010-04-15 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-04-08 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-03-25 and 2010-04-01 meetings.


Approve motion to accept Paul's recommendation on protocol issue on refresh tokens.


Approve minutes of 2010-03-18 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-03-10 meeting.


Approve proposed design principle 12 as follows: User experience: Ease of end-user experience should inform our protocol design.


Approve minutes of 2010-02-18, 2010-02-25, and 2010-03-04 meetings.


Accept WRAP as a substrate for the UMA 1.0 core protocol work, on the way towards OAuth 2.0 usage.


Approve minutes of 2010-02-04 and 2010-02-11 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2010-01-28 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2010-01-21 meeting.


Approve e-commerce scenario.


Approve CV sharing scenario.


Approve minutes of 2010-01-14 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2009-12-17 and 2010-01-07 meetings.


Approve Domenico Catalano as the UMA WG Graphics/UX Editor.


Approve minutes of 2009-12-10 meeting.


Approve personal loan scenario.


Approve minutes of 2009-12-03 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2009-11-02, 2009-11-12, and 2009-11-19 meetings.


Approve minutes of 2009-10-29 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2009-10-01 and 2009-10-08 meetings.


Approve proposed requirement 9 as follows: "For two resources on different Hosts owned by the same Authorizing User and managed by the same AM, the AM must not allow one Host to be able to discover the User's relationship with the other Host."


Approve proposed requirement 1 as follows: "Representation-agnostic AM: The AM is not required to understand the representations of resources it is charged with protecting."


Reject proposed requirement P4.


Approve minutes of 2009-09-10 and 2009-09-17 meetings.


Approve requirement: "Host/AM separation: It must be possible to provide Host and AM functions in separate Web domains."


Approve requirement: "Resource orientation: User data access and service access must be enabled through accessing Web resources that have URLs."


Approve minutes of 2009-09-03 meeting.


Approve minutes of 2009-08-06, 2009-08-13, 2009-08-20, and 2009-08-27 meetings.


Approve Calendar scenario.