2013 July

Welcome to the Directors corner.

This is the running update from the Kantara Initiative Executive Director's office. Have questions or comments? Suggest some added information or edits? Contact the ED (Former user (Deleted)).


  • ISO/ITU-T: Next activities on the way in preparation of Liaison Statements.

New Activities:

  • NSTIC Resilient Network: Recently Kantara Board moved forward with the early planning of it's role with in the Resilient Network Trust program pilot as part of NSTIC pilot grants.  Kantara Initiative will provide stakeholder coordination among assessors, providers and relying parties to facilitate joint development of a deliverable that consists of Service Assessment Criteria to assess actors for Trustworthiness with in the Resilient Trust Network. All contributions, work output and deliverables related to the Kantara specific activity will be owned by Kantara Initiative and be subject to Kantara Initiative, governance and Intellectual Property Rights Policy.
  • If you are interested to learn more about this activity please contact the ED.


  • Spotlights: If you would like your organization to be highlighted please contact the ED.


  • LC: The LC has just about finalized the questions they'll use to keep track of WG/DG activities.  This is the new status update format versus the quarterly reports.
  • Interns: The LC has draft text in the works to start seeking interns.  The LC believes Kantara Initiative has great opportunities for students interested in Identity, Trust, Privacy – and just Industry Standards Consortia in general. If you know a student who would be interested to participate contact the ED.


  • Event Planning Radar: An Event Radar page has been created to track events where Kantara should put its energy and resources toward participation.  Please note this page tactical and to be used to determine where we put our resources.  Members can add events for consideration of Kantara participation by editing the page (using their wiki credential) or contacting staff @ kantarainitiative.org. There is also a community calendar that lists group meetings as well as any, and all, events that touch the IdM/IAM spaces.  The community and meeting calendar is not tactical but informational.
  • Kantara Initiative is seeking to partner to plan a collaborative event around the RSA EU event this year in Amsterdam - October 29-31.
  • Kantara Initiative Retreat: This event is planned for August 8-9, hosted by ForgeRock in their Vancouver, Washington offices.  If you'd like to attend please send a note to the ED.