2019-10-15 Meeting notes



  • Jeff Brennan
  • Sal D’Agostino
  • Mary Hodder
  • Tom Jones
  • Jim Kragh 


  • Bev Corwin
  • Noreen Whysel


  • Remote Attestation Use Case

Discussion items

Remote Attestation Use CaseTom Jones

Review use case remote attestation wiki page https://wiki.idesg.org/wiki/index.php/Remote_Attestation_Use_Case

Need to add details on user notification to post back to the user the fact that all modern cell phone since at least 2017 have the ability to protect a user's private key

Our primary goal here is to take an identity proofing authorization code from a PCP and create a AAL2 grade credential that can be used in all participating medical providers

It was agreed to allow Tom to take the "Consent to Create Binding" document to the CIS sister committee of Kantara for their consideration.

Action items