2019-09-03 Meeting notes



Mary Hodder

Not attending:

  • Bev Corwin
  • Jeff Brennan


Discussion items


Working draft of the FIRE OverviewNoreen Whysel
  • Jim suggests listing organizations that have historically worked with IDESG or Trusted Identities Group.
  • Tom suggests including participants in the IDESG pilot program. Noreen noted that all of the IDESG members were granted Kantara Initiative memberships at the time of the acquisition, but that since it was more than a year ago, some may no longer be members.

Smart Phone as a Credential

Tom Jones


  • Pew and RAND recommended phone be used for patient access to records.
  • Question is: Can an org be approved via an app to view and send data to another app?
  • From tom’s email:  “Our working plan is to enable level 2 assurance for health care access. But it looks like strictures on health care apps will be a battlefield between the gov't and the industry.

So it might be worth a discussion about two points:

  1. is level 2 requirement a good idea (this is both ial2 and aal2)
  2. is the strong identification of recipient s of health care information a necessary precondition.

Both of these have been implicit in my contributions, but it is not clear that the group has had a chance to verify this approach.”

Elections of officersJim Kragh
  • Tom moved to vote for FIRE officers as written in the charter.
  • Noreen seconded
  • 4 Yes, Sal and Bev proxy yes (Noreen confirmed Bev’s proxy vote in favor.)
  • Motion carries

Me2BeAllianceMary Hodder
  • Me2BeAlliance are asking for requirements that are not necessarily measurable. IDEF focuses on measurable indicators. They like that we have experts in the four domains. Lisa suggested removing “identity” so it can cover more than just identity.
  • Mary suggests cloning a copy of IDEF and expand to a more generalized list of requirements that cover processes other than identity. (Would take time and money but Me2Be would like to pilot).

Action items

  • Need to talk to Dr Tom about collaboration
  • Noreen to send around document for final review