All Member Ballot - KIR20180305

This page reports on the details of the first All Member Ballot in 2018. We'll refer to it as All Member Ballot KIR20180305.


Motion: To approve the Group-Approved Recommendations “KIAF 1430 NIST SP 800-63A Service Assessment Criteria”, and “KIAF 1440 NIST SP 800-63B Service Assessment Criteria.” as Kantara Initiative Recommendations.

Title of Draft Recommendations: "KIAF 1430 NIST SP 800-63A Service Assessment Criteria" and "KIAF 1440 NIST SP 800-63B Service Assessment Criteria"

Copy of Draft Recommendations: KIAF 1430 NIST SP 800-63A Service Assessment Criteria  and  KIAF 1440 NIST SP 800-63B Service Assessment Criteria

Group wiki page:

WG Charter:

Document wiki page: Identity Assurance Framework

All Members of Kantara Initiative may participate.

  • Each Member organization may cast only one vote.
  • The Primary Representative from each Member organization should cast the organizational Member's vote.

Approval Requirement: A super majority (75% affirmative) of those voting in this All-Member Ballot, with at least 15% of all Members voting is required to approve the document as Kantara Initiative Recommendations.

Ballot Information

The prerequisites for this All-Member Ballot have been met:

Section 5.5 "Member Ballots of Work Group Recommendations" of the Kantara Initiative Bylaws and Article 6 "All-Member Ballot of a Draft Recommendation" of the Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures v2.0 require certification by a majority of Leadership Council voters that the draft Recommendation is ready for an All-Member Ballot, which means that:

-- The draft Recommendations are within the scope of the WG Charter;

-- That the required 45-day Public Review and Comment period has occurred;

-- Comments received have been reviewed by the WG, a disposition made and logged, the document draft updated accordingly;

-- A majority of the eligible Work Group voters have approved the draft Recommendation for approval via an All-Member Ballot.


This ballot was open from March 5, 2018 to March 19, 2018.

Ballot Results Summary

19 Members voted in the All Member Ballot; 18 said YES, 1 said NO.

Ballot Results Details

Ken DaggYES
Michael SchwratzYES
3WedaCon Informationstechnologien GmbHThorsten NiebuhrYES
4ID machinesSalvatore D'AgostinoYES
5Zygma LLCRichard G. WilsherYES
Andrew HughesYES
Heather FlanaganYES
8Deutsche Telekom AGIngo FrieseYES
9Zentryjose LopezYES
10iWelcome B.V.Corné van RooijYES
Scott PerryYES
12ID.meMichael BrownYES
13MedAlliesChris LlanesYES
14ExperianTara RomeoYES
15Internet2Ann WestYES
16ForgeRockAllan FosterYES
17Sphere IdentityKatherine NoallNO
18GakuNinJun AdachiYES
19NixuBjörn SjöholmYES