This page reports on the details of the All Member Ballot in August 2022. We'll refer to it as All Member Ballot KIR20220804.


Motion: To approve Kantara Initiative Candidate Recommendation "KIAF-1410 'Identity Assurance Framework: Common Organizational Assessment Criteria'" as a Kantara Initiative Recommendation.


Eligible Voters

Voting Rules: A Supermajority (75% affirmative) of those voting in this All-Member Ballot. At least 15% of all Members voting is required to approve. A vote of 'abstain' counts toward the 15% needed to be quorate. 

Eligible voters: This All-Member Ballot is open to all members in good standing of Kantara Initiative, Inc. 

- Each member organization may cast only one vote.

- The Primary Representative from each member organization should cast the members vote.


Open Date: Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 11:00AM EST

Close Date: Thursday, August 18 2022 at 5:00PM EST

Ballot Results Summary

20 people voted in the All Member Ballot; Only 17 of the votes counted; 

17 answered YES; 0 answered NO; 3 abstained.

Ballot Results Details

All Member Results.pdf





Yes or No?

1Kento AidaNational Institute of Informatics08/18/2022Yes
2Andrew HindleHindle Consulting Limited08/17/2022Yes
3Mike CookIdentos08/16/2022Yes
4Andrew HughesIn Turn Information08/16/2022Yes
5Andrew HughesPing Identity08/16/2022Yes
6Christine AbruzziCacapon Cyber Solutions08/15/2022Abstain
7Andrew JohnstonInterac08/15/2022Yes
8Barry HiebGlobal Patient Identifiers, Inc.08/15/2022Abstain
9Salvatore D'AgostinoIDmachines08/15/2022Yes
10Noah TaloDigital Identification Bureau Limited08/14/2022Yes
11Kevin MorooneyInternet208/11/2022 Abstain
12Noreen WhyselDecision Fish08/11/2022 Yes
13Lorrayne AuldIndividual membership08/11/2022 Yes
14JJ HarkemaEasy Dynamics08/11/2022 Yes
15Eric ThompsonExperian08/11/2022 Yes
16Maria VachinoCalvert Consulting08/11/2022 Yes
17Richard WilsherZygma, Inc.08/11/2022 Yes
18James JungSlandala08/11/2022 Yes
19Martin SmithIndividual Membership 08/09/2022Yes
20Jim PasqualeChasm Crossing Solutions08/02/2022Yes