Charter WG-IRM

  1. WG NAME (and any acronym or abbreviation of the name): WG name, acronym and abbreviation must not include trademarks not owned by the Organization, or content that is infringing, harmful, or inappropriate.
    1. Identity Relationship Management (IRM WG)

  2. PURPOSE: Please provide clear statement of purpose and justification for why the proposed WG is necessary.
    1. The work group is proposed as the natural epicenter for Kantara Initiative IRM focused projects. From initial review, there appears to be no Kantara Initiative or industry consortia work groups that share the focus specifically around IRM. 
    2. The purpose of this work group is to develop community market driven works around the Identity Relationship Management. Works may include, whitepapers, case studies, best practices, deployment profiles, user experience surveys, and APIs. In each case proposals shall be reviewed to ensure that works are nested with in the appropriated Kantara Initiative or Industry Group.
    3. This work group will further frame the applicable IRM space regarding context of moving from an analog to digital world, recognizing that fragments are being discussed in various industries and standards bodies. Fundamentally to define new use cases and requirements not addressed in a standardized way today.

  3. SCOPE:Explain the scope and definition of the planned work.
    1. Community development and evolution of the IRM Pillars
    2. Exploration and documentation of additional scopes
      1. Identity (IAM)
      2. Relationships
      3. Intersection via Things

  4. DRAFT TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: List Working Titles of draft Technical Specifications to be produced (if any), projected completion dates, and the Standards Setting Organization(s) to which they will be submitted upon approval by the Membership.
    1. n/a

  5. OTHER DRAFT RECOMMENDATIONS: Other Draft Recommendations and projected completion dates for submission for All Member Ballot.
    1. Whitepapers and business case studies toward adoption of IRM tools and best practices.

  6. LEADERSHIP: Proposed WG Chair and Editor(s) (if any) subject to confirmation by a vote of the WG Participants.
    1. Edward Killeen, Radiant Logic (proposed chair)
    2. Allan Foster, ForgeRock (proposed co-chair or vice)

  7. AUDIENCE: Anticipated audience or users of the work.
    1. Industry At-Large, IdM Vendors, Network Operators, Internet of Things Enterprise, Field Practitioners, End-User Customers

  8. DURATION: Objective criteria for determining when the work of the WG has been completed (or a statement that the WG is intended to be a standing WG to address work that is expected to be ongoing).
    1. This WG is intended to be standing and ongoing.

  9. IPR POLICY: The Organization approved Intellectual Property Rights Policy under which the WG will operate.
    1. Kantara Initiative Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

  10. RELATED WORK AND LIAISONS: Related work being done in other WGs or other organizations and any proposed liaison with those other WGs or organizations.
    1. Federation Interoperability WG
    2. User Managed Access WG
    3. IDentities of Things DG

  11. CONTRIBUTIONS (optional): A list of contributions that the proposers anticipate will be made to the WG.
    1. Kantara Blog of the “IRM Pillars”
    2. Ian Glazer’s draft “Laws of Relationships”

  12. PROPOSERS: Names, email addresses, and any constituent affiliations of at least the minimum set of proposers required to support forming the WG. At least 3 proposers must be listed. At least 2 of the proposers must be Kantara Initiative Members - current members list
    1. CA
    2. ForgeRock
    3. Radiant Logic