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About P3WG
The vision of the Kantara Initiative is to ensure secure, identity-based, online interactions while preventing misuse of personal information so that networks will become privacy protecting and more natively trustworthy environments. This vision is translated into the mission to foster identity community harmonization, interoperability, innovation, and broad adoption through the development of open identity specifications, operational frameworks, education programs, deployment and usage best practices for privacy-respecting, secure access to online services. The Kantara Initiative is an international organization with participation and membership from countries including, but not limited to, Canada, Germany, Austria, United States, France, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden and Japan.

Because privacy is a core principle of Kantara work, the Initiative has established a Privacy and Public Policy Work Group. This Work Group is intended to ensure that Kantara contributes to better privacy outcomes for users, data custodians and other stakeholders, by defining privacy-related principles and good practice applicable to a broad range of prevalent technology platforms. Read the full charter.

New to the Work Group? Please make sure you review the charter, Kantara IPR policies  and the following short documents from the ISTO about Anti-Trust Guidelines.ISTO Anti-Trust Guidelines (Dec 2008) - 2-page summary explaining implications for Kantara meeting.

  • P3 WG today — Privacy Assurance Criteria, draft in progress!!!
  • The PAC as a document set,  will define criteria for privacy  (normative directives) as well as include informative language  illustrative of privacy best practices.
  • Once approved, the Kantara Initiative Accreditation and Service  Approval  program intends to adopt the PAC as a means to certify   privacy under the IAF.
  • Additionally, the PAC will be submitted to FICAM for review and  acceptance.
  • If this work interests you please join the  P3 work group and  mail list (links above, left).

    NOTE: wg-p3(at)kantarainitiative(dot)org, is an open and archived mail list. Therefore, please only use the mailing list for information which you essentially wish to put into the public domain.

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