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We are working on implementing the "client" side of UMA interactions. Check out our GitHub repo as things progress.

The purpose of this Work Group is to design and develop free and open-source software (FOSS), in several popular programming languages, that empowers developers to incorporate User-Managed Access (UMA) protection and authorization API enablement into applications, services, and devices, promoting privacy enhancement and broader adoption of UMA ecosystems. The UMA WG’s requirements and design principles encourage simplicity of specific kinds, and on the part of specific system entities, in order to foster ecosystem growth; this group’s purpose supports those aims. Specifically:

  • Design principle 1 states UMA will be Simple: “Simple to understand, implement in an interoperable fashion, and deploy on an Internet-wide scale”

  • Design principle 4 states UMA will be RESTful: “Resource-oriented (for example, as suggested by the REST architectural style) and operating natively on the Web to the extent possible”

  • Design principle 10 describes constraints around Complexity: “Complexity should be borne by the [authorization server] endpoint vs. the [resource server] or [client], if possible”

Read the full charter.

Latest news:

  • We're currently working on a proposal as part of the Kantara-CCICADA partnership for a conformance testing program. See our wiki.
  • Leaders of Industry and Government Converge to Launch the Kantara Initiative UMA Dev WG to Develop Tools for Global Adoption of UMA – read the press release.


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