Many Consent Receipt Implementations

These are the known implementations of Consent Receipts that are related to or reference the Kantara Consent Receipt Specification. Staring in 2014 with the first ever known consent receipt produced by Marcus Sabedello and Mark Lizar  (Open Notice  and XDI 2014).  (you tube)

Company or Project Name + URLProduct or Project DescriptionReceipt-related Product Page3 Main ContactHow is Kantara CR used1Production statusReceipt Demo videoProduct Demo SiteReceipt Use Case Link2 
digi.meProvides individual ability to share their locally owned personal data with apps & web services via Private Sharing using's feature Consent Access Certificate process. for production apps

Jim Pasquale
Kantara CR is used internally to store details of a confirmed Consent in individuals local Consent Dashboard.  It will subsequently be posted to ledgers where required by participating businesses.Live


Consentua helps organisations to build stronger and safer customer relationships. An enterprise class Consent Management System that's simple, flexible, and powerful.
(CR demo)

Dr Richard Gomer

The basis of the output that Consentua generates as proof of consent from an end user.


Sphere Identity 

Identity platform for sharing identity data between the users and businesses.

Sneha Ved
Kantara v1.1.0 is used to acknowledge the consent in the following three cases (a) when the users share their PII with the Sphere Identity platform, (b) when the Sphere Identity platform shares the user PII with the businesses and (c) when the businesses share their PII with the Sphere Identity platform.Live


Consent receipt generator demo. Use case is a web store "Ubisecure Bookshop"
Oscar SantolallaGives proof of consent for a digital subscriberInternal build

Airside Mobile

Consent receipt used in authorization for information release between data subject and processor/controller.
Peter DavisCR 1.1 used in requests for information, signed by both parties, and included in a license object that enables access to data from a personal data store controlled bu the data subject.Live.
CR dashboard under development.

Transmute ID

Transmute ID is an enterprise identity management application that provides companies and their end users with visibility into exactly who they are working with, what they are authorized to do, and what actions were taken. This includes signing and sharing data with mutual consent.

Karyl Fowler, CEO

Consent receipts are received by both parties following the completion of a transaction. For example, Paul sends Kevin a copy of his hazardous materials certification to show that he is qualified to move a load of goods. Kevin reviews the credential, signs to accept it, and both parties receive a "proof of signature" receipt including all key details. Live

Datafund (


Fair Data Society (

Open source Consent receipt generator & Consent receipt viewer. contact: Crt Ahlin ( The CR Generator & Viewer will be open sourced, to be freely used. They will also be used internally in the Reclaim consent management platform ( and Fairdrop decentralised file sharing app ( Under development

Digital Catapult

Michele Natireceipt provided to people digitally upon entry into digital catapult and UX tested /Trust testedover 6k receipts provided in London

IDESG idpImplementation of a best-practice Identity Server 4 Open ID Connect Provider with full open source availability (working demo) (source repo)

Tom Jones

best practice demo of an identifier provider, will enable U2F soonLive consent receipt; U2F under development

OASIS COELa specification turned global standard for creating events based apps Lizaruses for consent events in standard 

W3C Data Privacy Vocabularya specification with a first v1 draft (due shortly)
Mark Lizarthe CISWG contributed input,  to include all consent elements required for consent receipts and then provided feedback to update fields  or extend existing fields to match  the DPV and arguably be usable for all privacy jurisdictions 

HL7 (FHR) combined starting point for standard explicit consent format and flow
Mark Lizarthe core consent receipt format was used for FIHR consent, looking forward to aligning further with HL7 and a use case in 2019 for this

Consent.Globaldid implement

Signatuknown implementor

MyData Operator? (need to check)


1) Version number or how derived or how implemented.

2) Link to Use case in repository for specification development

3) Product page, if exists, describes how Kantara receipts are used within the product