DRAFT 2018-02-21 Meeting Notes Consent Management Solutions WG



Status of Minutes


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1. Call to order
2. Roll Call
3. Introductions 
4. Overview of the intended outcomes of the WG
5. Discussion on approach, sources, work packages, etc
6. Confirmation of Charter draft, WG leadership
7. Upcoming conferences and events
8. All Other Business (AOB)



  • Corné van Rooij (Chair)
  • Andrew Hughes (Secretary)
  • Tony Fish
  • Mark Lizar
  • Julian Ranger (Vice-Chair)


  • Crt Ahlin
  • Jim Pasquale
  • Iain Henderson
  • Colin Wallis
  • Cal Racey
  • Peter Davis
  • Santosh Putchala
  • Ken Klingenstein
  • Mike O'Neill
  • Joss Langford
  • Kartik Venkatesh
  • Tom Jones
  • Sal D'Agostino



Quorum Status

Meeting was quorate

Voting participants

Participant roster (CMS) - Quorum is 4 of 7 as of 2017-11-20

(Voting status: Corné van Rooij, Julian Ranger, Andrew Hughes, Tony Fish, Pushpalanka Jayawardhana, Mark Lizar, John Wunderlich)

Discussion Items





4 mins
  • Call to order
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
  • Introductions
  • Meeting was called to order and the roll was called
  • Please ensure that you sign the Group Participation Agreement
  • The participants introduced themselves
15 min

Overview of the intended outcomes of the WG

15 minDiscussion on approach, sources, work packages, etcCorné
  • Walkthrough of the work streams
    • Q: Where should 'acting on consent' go?
    • Q: There are related areas that will affect this work - e.g. SAML metadata and OIDC dynamic client registration. Where will be track that?
    • Q: So I imagine we catalog that along with other references, related standards, best practices.
    • A: This WG will work out where specific topics should go and what should be included in the document
  • Please sign up for any work stream that interests you - we will organize around that.
5 minConfirmation of Charter draft, WG leadership
  • Kantara requires that the WG approves its draft charter on commencement
  • WG leadership as proposed in the draft charter: Corné van Rooij (Chair), Julian Ranger (Vice-Chair), Andrew Hughes (secretary)
  • Call for confirmation will be sent to the WG list prior to next meeting - ideally we will have a motion to confirm charter and leadership on the next WG call
5 minUpcoming conferences and eventsAndrew

Events that Kantara will have an active role: https://kantarainitiative.org/events/

  • Corné and Andrew will be speaking about this Work Group at EIC 2018 May 15-18 2018 in Munich
  • Possibly presenting on the WG at Identiverse June 24-27 2018 in Boston
  • Will be presenting about WG progress at other unconferences this year as well (IIW, MyData, etc)
  • Please let us know if you are scheduled to present about this WG and we can let Kantara Marketing know for amplification
5 minAOBAndrew
  • None raised
  • Next WG meeting Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 15:00 GMT / 10:00 EST