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  • Jim Pasquale
  • James Aschberger
  • Lisa LeVasseur


  • Chris Olsen
  • Nancy


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4 mins
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
  • Organization updates
  • Jim opened the meeting by introducing the data mobility work
  • AOB

5 min
  • Organization updates

Please review these blogs offline for current status on Kantara and all the DG/WG:

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45 minMoving forward with the gap reportJim/ all
  • Does it make sense and can we use the framing core issue topic from the Data Mobility report as the bases and outline for the consent gap analysis?
    • Incumbent Business Case:  There is a lack of proof points for the innovation opportunity.

    • Infrastructure & Standards: The need for common technologies, standards, and services,

    • Individuals’Know How:  Consumers have a lack of know-how and understanding of the digital market, and limited knowledge about their data, how it is used, and how they could use it.

    • Adaptive Regulation:  Well-functioning markets require strong regulation and legislation.

    • Service applications: Lack of services and applications that enable Individuals to be empowered

  • Lisa mentioned approaching all the topic using BLT (business, Legal, Technical requirements), James A. also agreed, along with Nancy. where All where clear, today's consent definition is lacking a lot of requirements to meet other laws like HIPAA. James is adamant around the idea of businesses resisting providing consent records to individuals and will continue on the current path. As it is not in their interest to empower consumers or customers with information continuing to coerce people on either side of the sell/buy/own relationships with wordy TCs, TOUs, and CRMs rigged on their behave.
 10 minCurrent under towJim
  • Jim to speak with Andrew to invite Lisa and James to the next leadership call to further discuss and review paths forward.
  • Lack of progress on the gap report

Next meeting

*** Next call 2019-07-10 10:30 am Eastern DAYLIGHT Time


Iisa moves to adjourn; James seconds; Meeting adjourned. Jim closes the session thanking those who participated in the weeks ahead.