DRAFT 2019-02-06 Meeting notes



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  1. Call to order
    1. Roll Call & Determination of quorum status
    2. Agenda bashing
    3. Kantara Organization updates 
  2. WG Motions
  3. Discussion 
    1. WG path forwards
    2. WG & publication scope
  4. Upcoming conferences and events
  5. All Other Business (AOB)
  6. Adjourn



  • Jim Pasquale
  • Andrew Hughes


  • Nancy Lush
  • Peter Davis
  • Ken Klingenstein
  • Marco Venuti
  • David Turner
  • VP Herisse (w Lush Group)


  • John Wunderlich

Quorum Status

Meeting was quorate

Voting participants

Participant roster (CMS) - Quorum is 4 of 6 as of 2018-04-02

(Voting status: Corné van Rooij, Jim Pasquale, Andrew Hughes, Tony Fish, Pushpalanka Jayawardhana, John Wunderlich)

Discussion Items





5 min
  • Call to order
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
  • Organization updates

5 minWG Motions
Quorum required 

Motion to ...

Moved by:




5 min




30 minWG path forwardJim
  • Jim introduced a potential path to move forward to break up the logjam on the publication
  • Need to update the WG Charter & refocus the publication
    • Consent as it is presented to an individual is different from what a Data Controller has to deal with
      • There should be Enterprise good practices part - could be based on the contributions from iWelcome
      • There should be a person-oriented part - what a person should consider when consent is requested during their journey
  • WG needs to get more organizations engaged here
    • Looked at the IAPP Vendor report - has a category of "Consent Management" vendors
    • Jim to ask Colin to write a letter to those CEOs, requesting participation from a product manager or product marketing manager
  • Comments
    • 'Enterprise' - is this business and consumers? or business and their employees? A: former.
    • ID2020 created a new trustmark - mentions consent - maybe some of the involved organziations might be interested in participating here
    • What about focus on the "purpose" field? This is a big gap.
      • Maybe we could derive the list of underlying activities that are surfaced in specific purpose text
      • Then industries could craft their own text to address the identified activity
    • Note that in healthcare, the purpose of use when addressing patient data sharing versus enterprise purpose of use
    • Also a provider might use data for provision of care and also for research - this is an added complication
    • Financial industry - Early Warning Systems - maybe they are working on a taxonomy for purpose of use
    • Should address a broader list of things than Purpose of use that an individual should consider when making decisions
    • Also should include eIDAS groups - have they developed material on purpose of use?
FYIDiscussion on document draftingCorné

The draft is in a Google doc - feel free to comment - Chairs and Editor will control acceptance of material.

FYIDiscussion on the Interview QuestionsAll

The first draft of the interview questions is in a Google doc - please comment.

5 minUpcoming conferences and eventsAndrew

Events that Kantara will have an active role: https://kantarainitiative.org/events/

5 minAOBChair


Next WG meeting Wednesday, February 20, 2019 10:00 Eastern Standard Time / 14:00 GMT